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Thank you for your prompt, thorough and professional service in this matter. (Macaluso - 2/26/2020)

Thank you for your help. It may not mean much to others, but for me it has been a blessing. (Escotto - 1/26/2020)

It was great meeting you as well & I am glad to now have this information handy for our future needs. (Szczesny - 1/24/2020)

Thank you, Ron,,,,,,, on this matter of drawing a line between the "S(ecurity)" word and peacekeeping, I have long considered you "the go-to guy" for where, and how, to draw that line. (Clever - 10/29/2019) 

Thanks for the informative chat this morning. (Stahl - 10/14/2019)

Thank you again for coming at the last minute to provide security for Congregation Brit Shalom. (Congregation Brit Shalom - 9/30/2019)

Thank you so much for the prompt service. (Davis - 8/4/2019)

Thanks again, and we look forward to working with you.  (Beardsley Law - 7/11/2019)

Thank you for your assistance...… Thanks again and look forward to working with you in the future.  (Summers - 5/3/2019)

 Thanks very much for taking care of that so promptly. (Beard Law Company - 12/17/2018)

Thank you very much for your due diligence and meticulous notes. We really appreciate them! (Torri's Legal Services - 9/20/2018)

Thank you for everything, including patience with my questions and explaining the process. I have informed the supervisors that you offer other services. They were all eager to learn more. (Varner, Shirley Twp - 6/15/2018) 

Thanks so much for your service. (Bradburn - 3/8/2018)

Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. Appreciate all you do. (Long - 3/8/2018)

Wonderful! Thank you very much. (Long - 3/1/2018)

Thank you so much for your help and quick service - we appreciate it!  (Baxter & Kipphan, Attorneys at Law   - 1/11/2018)

Thank you so much! This was all I needed from the get go. I wish I had dealt directly with you from the beginning.  (Powers - 5/4/2015)