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* Certified by the State of Pennsylvania (Act 49)

* MPOETC (Police Academy) certified (Act 120)

* Certified in the use of OC Spray, and baton

* NRA Law Enforcement Firearm (Handgun) Instructor certified

*Advanced firearm qualified and licensed

* Fully bonded and insured

* Elected from Patton Township

* Graduate degree in business management

* Graduated from 11 military leadership and service schools

* Over 98% contact rate of all assigned case subjects


* US Army for 24 years

* Military Police from 1978 to 1997

* Pennsylvania State Constable since 2010

* 10 years financial and sales management

* Former PCCD Certified trainer of constables through Indiana University of Pennsylvania

* NRA Law Enforcement certified handgun firearms instructor

* Former Region 4 Director for the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Constables (PAFOC)


* Arrest and transport of adult/juvenile individuals with warrants to court, jail, or collect all 


* Serve summons and other civil court related papers   

* Peacekeeping for businesses (because businesses deserve law enforcement protection too):
                Prevention of loitering.
                Assistance in the dismissal of employees that may have a history of hostility.
                Correspondence servicing between hostile parties such as landlord & tenants, 

                 debtors & creditors, neighbor disputes, etc...
                Money escorts
                Keeping the peace at community events, sporting events, events at places of 

                 worship, charity events, etc...
                Property transfers
                Property protection
                Personal protection and escort

* Process servicing   

* Personal peacekeeping:
               Out of court landlord/tenant disputes
               Out of court property transfers
               Enforcement of PFA's

               Child custody transfers

               Augmenting assistance to other first responder agencies
               Calming neighbor disputes  

               Section 203 (mental health) transports  

* Courtroom security

* Landlord/tenant cases to include evictions and constable sales

Will work for any Pennsylvania Court, legal agencies, and community citizens who want professional and efficient results. All duties performed in uniform, and in a professional manner.